Farm or Residence - Shared Farmhouse 3ac Northumberland

Farm or Residence - Shared Farmhouse 3ac Northumberland
Primary Contact: 
Sue Hawley
613 475 5685
Best time to call: 
before 8pm
Acres Available: 
Current Land Use: 
Herbs, home vegetables
Historical Land Use: 
30 year old pine & spruce plantation. Recently added vegetable gardens and small livestock
Living quarters
Water Source (i.e. pond, dug/drilled well)
Beautiful new empty 18x38 barn with 2 small paddocks fenced, good for sheep. About 2ac available for grazing. There are 8 acres of 30yr old pine and spruce to play with, about 50 maple trees to tap and fire wood if you can cut it. I'd love to see some one take up the animal husbandry again, chickens, rabbits and sheep were a great combo. I've got a pretty good thing going here with my herbs and I'm busy with enough with it, but I have experience with all kinds of farmy things and could offer help or teach. One could farm, or one could simply rent a room, participate in the lifestyle and gardens, reap the harvest, or one could do both.
Short-term Lease
potential sale or lease to own